Monday, October 10, 2016

Five Things Every Bride-to-Be Should Know

Congratulations on your engagement sweetheart! 
I hope you are excited because we have a lot of planning to do! ; )

When I was planning my wedding, I had no idea what I wanted. I just knew that Jon was the guy that I wanted to spend the rest of my life with and that I wanted that day to represent this HUGE decision in my life accordingly.

Luckily my awesome-sister-in-law stepped up to the job and gave me some great advice in what needed to get done. One of them was to focus on two things, so I was not overwhelmed. And yet, as a really responsible, fun, and original 22 year-old BIG girl, I picked the DJ and the Open-Bar! (Hint: Please focus on something more mature… these two require no focus! lol).

Here is five things that any bride-to-be should know when planning a wedding:

1. It is essential to create a priority list

Image via One Fab Day

In fact, your next few months will be filled with lists - songs list, guest list, picture list, etc. Make sure to keep these lists organized and accessible. Creating a folder allows you to gather all your wedding planning items such as vendor cards.

Here is an extremely helpful checklist that I wish I had it when planning my wedding

2. Choose your wedding party wisely

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Please do not make this decision based on a big number, as my matron of honor loves to say, LESS is more. The truth is that the bigger the group, the harder it is to make decisions. When choosing your bridesmaids focus on who you would like to stand by your side and help you with the planning.

3. Facial and body treatments

Image via Hyancinth's Boutique and Spa
Treat yourself to a relaxing spa treatment ONE WEEK before your wedding day. My friend saved my butt on this one. I first booked my favorite spa treatment on the day before my wedding, a detoxifying body wrap. What I did not expect was to have so much toxins flushed out of my body at once. I had a crazy reaction, which thankfully went away that week, saving me from being a sick bride.

4. DIY is the easiest way to lose your marbles

Trust me girls, I tried. There I was, 22 years old with barely any money in the bank, trying to make my wedding something straight out of Hobby Lobby. My girls and I were able to make great things such as wedding favors and invitations, but I also had awe full ideas such as do my own makeup and have my friends be in charge of the pictures (which leads to tip #5).

5. Choose your priorities wisely

Image via Interflora
Unless you are an awesome makeup artist or your friends are professional photographers, do yourself a favor and hire someone that can take care of those things for you. You will not want to make more decisions that day.


  1. This is great! My sister is getting engaged next weekend and has been planning her wedding for years. Planning a wedding can be extremely overwhelming so blogs like yours are very helpful

    1. I am glad to help Taylor, say congrats to your sister for me ;)

  2. Personally, this was a great read for me considering I'm newly engaged! We have nothing set yet, since we are waiting until I'm done with school. I completely agree with the priorty list - the only thing I have written down is a wedding playlist, since I LOVE music haha. Great post!

    1. Congratulations girl! Check out more posts that will help you with your plannig ;)